Sunday, 9 February 2014

Anyone for a Drink?

If you have looked in on my blog from time to time,
you will know that we think Bonnie
has the longest tongue EVER!!!

Her latest trick is to finish off Mams drinks
at first we thought Bonnie wanted to smell the contents
but oh no, what ever was in there is now gone!
We going to try a something called a pint glass next?  

Monday, 3 February 2014

Night Manoeuvers.

Now and again Dad and I like to sneak out
of the house by ourselves, you know how it is
a bit of Buddy buddy time!
And last night was just such a night.
So armed with a flashing collar, head torch
and camera phone off we went.

It was beautiful clear night for us to
patrol the Northern Territories,
to make sure the trolls were still locked away
in their jails, and that all was safe.

Dad stopped to take some photos,
but the flash kept giving me demon eyes!!!
Then in a eurika moment Dad turned the flash
on his phone off and used his head torch instead.

He now thinks he's a pro......

Its all down to the subject matter!!!!!
if you ask me...

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Up Close.

Teddy (Teddy bear, Teddles) the newest member 
5 month old Sh*t Shih Tzu.

Bonnie (Bon-bon, Bonza, "bloody hell MY foot!") we rescued her last March.
2 years 10 months St Bernard

Reuby (Reubbles, Dum-dum) joined us as a puppy in November 2012  
1 year 4 months Bernese Mountain Dog
Reuben and Reba are her parents from the Dolyhir clan. 

And then theres me Buddy (Bud-bud,  Budster, The Budmeister)
I was Dads 40th birthday present,
he only waited 15 years to get a BMD !?!
I am 2 years 10 months
I hail from the Dolyhir Clan too in part
Rocky is my biological Dad,
and Molly is my Mum (she lives in Halifax)

Friday, 31 January 2014


Reuby has just found out that if you persist
with these bags they have treats inside!

With a well aimed whack with a paw
and lets face it they are decent size paws
these bags POP open.

Nom nom nom,
To the victor go the spoils.

But I'll have to teach her to
open them the right way up next time.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

It's off to work we go...

Finally Dad took me to work with him,
and of course I was willing to
help out in any way that I could !

What you doing Dad?
Can I Help?

I'll guard your work boots
shall I?

What you doing now Dad?

It's so tiring this work thingy
think I'll just have 40 winks Dad... 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Meet Lucy our smallest human pet
she is lovely and looks after us very well
and loves coming out on walks.

She is always ready to give cuddles,
and Bonnie won't be missed out and given
the size of Bonnie it's surprising how she
can get into the smallest of gaps. 

Bonnie always thanks you
with a big sloppy kiss,
or is it bath time?

Monday, 20 January 2014

Snow Joke!!!

Me and Dad have had enough
where is all the snow we were promised
back in November.
We had so much fun last year introducing
Reuby to the white stuff.

It would be so much better this year
with Reuby being a year older
and the addition to our forever home
of Bonnie and Teddy.

All four of us running in the fresh snow......
well Teddy might need some help!

So until it arrives we'll have to reminisce
and look in envy at our worldwide cousins photos.