Sunday, 2 February 2014

Up Close.

Teddy (Teddy bear, Teddles) the newest member 
5 month old Sh*t Shih Tzu.

Bonnie (Bon-bon, Bonza, "bloody hell MY foot!") we rescued her last March.
2 years 10 months St Bernard

Reuby (Reubbles, Dum-dum) joined us as a puppy in November 2012  
1 year 4 months Bernese Mountain Dog
Reuben and Reba are her parents from the Dolyhir clan. 

And then theres me Buddy (Bud-bud,  Budster, The Budmeister)
I was Dads 40th birthday present,
he only waited 15 years to get a BMD !?!
I am 2 years 10 months
I hail from the Dolyhir Clan too in part
Rocky is my biological Dad,
and Molly is my Mum (she lives in Halifax)

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