Monday, 15 July 2013

Kamikaze Sausages

What a scorcher this weekend, Dad lit the BBQ and I told Bon Bon (aka Bonnie) and Bo Bo (aka Reuby) the story about the Kamikaze sausages you know the ones that jump off  in a bid for freedom although Mum says that has something to do with the type of refreshment Dad was drinking......
Anyway we all lined up patiently waiting for the first jumper,

 With it being so hot we introduced Bonnie to the delights of ice cream but Bon Bon took one lick with the biggest tongue you have ever seen then decided just to eat it whole narrowly missing Mums fingers. 

Mum chose to relax and soak up the rays with her favorite choice of refreshment but it ran out very quickly so she had to go for a top up.........

But she was in for a shock when she returned, only keeping it warm of course.

But now Dad has gone back to work......

I miss my Buddy.

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  1. Awesome. You missed the pork at HQ, that decided to jump off & into my mouth. I love icecream too, I hope you got lots.