Monday, 29 July 2013

Royal Birth cont...

 News from the labour ward brought Reuben down from Bonsai Mountain on Thursday afternoon,
Where the waiting paparazzi only got this shot as the proud Dad to be rushed past. 

The rumors had started,
Was she? Wasn't she? Had she? Hasn't she? 

Yes Princess Bliss had,
 and there are lots of new Princes and Princesses in the Dolyhir Clan labour ward.  

But wait, noises were heard coming from outside,
No it couldn't be....
But it was Princess Elf had gone into labour too,
Even more Princes and Princesses now bless the Dolyhir Clan.

So from the "Northern Branch" of the Dolyhir Clan we would like to welcome the new Princes and Princesses and look forward to meeting up at the next Annual Treasure Hunt.
Love Buddy, Reuby and Honorary member Bonnie.

I wonder which Counties they will be ruling over?
Please follow the link above  to the Dolyhir Clan for continued coverage ...

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