Sunday, 18 August 2013

Another Bumper Crop...

 Today we had a trip out to Hurworth Companion Dog Show near Darlington.
And out of eight classes entered we got six placings,
met lots of interesting dogs and there pets
and made lots of friends.

Bonnie in her first appearance stole the show today,
with a 1st place in the Best Rescue Dog Class.
She has come along way since she join us in our Forever Home,
Bonnie was underweight at 47.5kg
But with some TLC and a lot of love and cuddles,
she now tips the scales at a much healthier 61kg. 

Reuby got a 5th place in her second outing in the ring,
as my partner in Best Pair of Dogs.
I thought it kind to let Reuby keep this one,
she is very proud of it can you tell?

Me well I only got four today five if you include Best pair.
3rd for Best Pedigree Junior
3rd for Junior Handler with Human pet Lucy
6th for Handsomest Dog (out of 50)
and 6th for Best Trick.

"Please Buddy I'm only trying them on, they are very pretty"

But after a very long and busy day
it was all to much for Bonnie
and the call of a nap could not be ignored
Happy Dreams Bonnie x

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