Thursday, 8 August 2013

Family Photos

This is a very special picture to me,
it was taken at Rock HQ during last years,
Annual Treasure Hunt.
My human pet "Dad" has labeled us in the photo,
and as you can see we have 3 Generations in one picture. 

My Mum could't be at the Treasure hunt,
but here is a picture of her at Rock HQ,
about 8/9 weeks before I was born....
Strange that!
She lives on Nunnery Farm.

If you are wondering what the Annual Treasure Hunt is?
Its when we all meet up to have fun & games, a BBQ
and catch up with all our brothers/sisters, aunt's/uncles
and of course Mums & Dads.
Unfortunately we didn't make it this year,
but we WILL next year. 

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