Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fairy's & Troll's

With it being a long weekend Dad said
we were going to patrol the Boundaries of 
our Northern Territories.
To make sure all that use the land
are safe and can enjoy the views.

There are miles of new forest to investigate.
Reuby and I ran ahead to check the path was all clear,
and awaited instruction on which path to follow.

Bonnie was bringing up the rear
and keeping the photographer company.

In the next field we came across some very strange Arches,
It is said that these arches are made by the corn fairy's
and they appear over night.
Some say that they are a magical portal back to the
Fairy kingdom.

But further along our walk our mission took a more serious turn,
What you are looking at here is a Troll Jail !!!
And we have to check these to make sure they haven't escaped.
Lucy is demonstrating that we have to use
extreme caution...
Just incase...

There are several of these dotted around our Northern Territory
But our worst fears had come true,
Bonnie had found that one of the Troll's had
escaped by Tunneling out.....

To be continued...

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to see if you find the Troll. They are very scarey you know. We found one in Wales, hiding under a bridge, they don't have jails there for them.